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1:1 coaching; mastering technique and musicality to unlock your true vocal ability.

"Learn the rules like a PRO, so you can break them like an ARTIST."

Picasso (reportedly)


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Darren JOHN

Want a coach that is qualified? Has extensive experience as a performer? Is an accomplished musician? Is super passionate about vocal training?


I believe I can be that coach for you.

I have studied, and continue to study the voice extensively. I achieved distinction for my Advanced Professional Diploma in Teaching Contemporary Singing through The Voice College, and was also awarded the student of the year award for my achievements. I am an active member of the vocal community continually keeping up to date with the latest vocal science through companies such as The British Voice Association, BAST, and Vocology In Practice.

My combination of teaching experience, performance experience, musicianship, and vocal technique, is what allows me to help you not only be technically great, but be musically great too!

Masters in Music

Advanced Prof. Dip. (Teaching Contemporary Singing)

Cert HE (Acting)

Dip. TCL (Professional Musical Theatre)

Level 2 Vocal Health First Aider

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The foundation of heathy and balanced singing relies on good technique, which will provide vocal longevity for the singer. Areas of technique include alignment, breathing, 

range, register balancing, note strengthening, resonance, problems areas, and plenty more! 


Sometimes we just need a refresher, some "me time", a little brush up of our skills. Spend a lesson working on you and keep your 

instrument in fine tune.


Many singers enjoy singing a wide variety of styles, and this cross-training of styles is becoming widely accepted. From classical to jazz, music theatre to pop, expand your rep and showcase your vocal capabilities.


Your style is what makes it your voice. I don't want to change that, but I can help you develop it in a healthy and flexible way.

Maybe you want to explore new styles? I can help you there too.


Whether it be for a professional production, or a place at drama school, they all require you to audition. Perhaps you've been sent material to prepare? I will work with you to prepare for your audition so you can leave feeling you gave your best. Preparation is key.


Let's work on connection to the words, acting 

through song, interpretation, musicality, artistry, and more. A performance is individual to the singer but there are some paths to follow to achieve a great performance.

As an actor and musician I can guide you.

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Darren is not only the most lovely person but he was one of my favourite vocal coaches. His knowledge of how the voice works and his effective way of helping you find and remember how to use your voice in different directions, is just amazing. He is so honest, encouraging, patient and I had a lot of fun learning with him. He is one of the main reasons I got my dream role in Ghost the musical which I am beyond grateful for.


Samantha Neil, Ghost (UK Tour)

Singing in front of a vocal coach can be a daunting thing. Opening yourself up to criticism and sometimes even highlighting vocal difficulties. 

Take comfort in the fact I've been there, I know that feeling. Remember it's not an audition. I want to work with you in a safe, comfortable, and relaxed 

environment where we can really explore your voice for all its beauty.

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If you cannot find a suitable time - please just drop me an email and I will do my best to accommodate you.

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Online courses

43 Lessons | £27

Essential Vocal Health

59 Lessons | £37

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