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Singing is a personal thing for each individual.


Unlike other musicians, we can't detach ourself from our instrument - it is part of who we are, which makes it so unique. Our voice is an insight into our feelings, emotions, and expressions. This is why it can touch the listener in a way which can be so moving.


And the best thing is - we all have one!


Cert HE (Acting)

Dip TCL (Professional Musical Theatre)

Advanced Professional Diploma in Teaching Contemporary Singing

Assoc. Member I.S.M.E

Darren's interest in the voice has been ongoing since he began training his own voice for his own performance career. He always wanted to know WHY and HOW? It was always a question of what a certain exercise was doing, and how it affected the voice anatomically. 

Over the years this has led him to research and learn more in the hunt for answers. After attending numerous courses, Darren eventually decided to take his knowledge to the next level, and began studying for his Advanced Professional Diploma in Teaching Contemporary Singing with The Voice College.

Combined with his many years of teaching, this has equipped Darren with the science backed knowledge and understanding to make him the teacher he is today.

Darren is also an accomplished musician playing piano and saxophone and works regularly as a musical director. He is very used to accompanying vocalists as well as working with a band. His music theory and musicality brings another skill to his coaching - after all, singing is not just a technical exercise!

Darren has worked extensively as a performer appearing in musicals such as Grease; Saturday Night Fever; Annie; Sunset Boulevard; Starlight Express; and Madagascar. His performance career has taken him across the world.

Working with a teacher who is still performing is hopefully inspiring, but also invaluable to those students aspiring too, or already doing the same. He understands the industry first hand from the performers view point, and this inevitably influences his teaching.



Many singer's and singing teachers may refer to using or teaching a certain 'method' of singing. These include Estill, Speech Level Singing (SLS), Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), and others.

All have made huge and valid contributions to the world of voice science, and all have something to offer every singer.

Darren was looking for that one method too.... but through his training he learnt that he could benefit much more from using the research and science from many methods. 

It is impossible to say there is one correct way to sing - after all singing is an art form. Instead, taking from all the methods, Darren has learnt to teach a healthy and balanced singing form, from which art can be created.

"Learn the rules like a PRO, so you can break them like an ARTIST."

Picasso (reportedly)


Voice science has come on so far and is ever expanding as we learn more things.

Darren teaches from knowledge that is based in science. He has studied the anatomy of the larynx, and continues to keep up to date with the latest scientific developments through his continued professional learning.


Whether it be to work on technique, or you have material for an audition, a beginner, or a professional, we will discuss why you want to have a lesson and make sure I'm the right person for you.

  • Audition prep (for jobs and also for students auditioning for colleges)

  • Technique

  • Voice development

  • Repertoire

  • Problem areas

  • Musicality

  • Artistry

For those working professionally, sometimes we just need a refresher, a little brush up of our skills - why not treat yourself and keep your instrument in fine tune.


£30 per hour.